EURUSD Analysis 08 April 2015


In the third day of this week, with the bullish actions on USD Index, EURUSD get down to 1.0800 levels but returned at that level. Currently its around 1.0846. If USD Index continues to move up, bearish pressure on EURUSD would be more. 1.0905 is the first important level for us as you see on the chart. If EURUSD stays below 1.0905 for a time, may get below 1.0800 this week. If not, 1.0905 would be broken and 1.1000 may be tested. But for sure, to be over 1.0905 and test 1.1000, USD Index has to go down for a while. Our view is below 1.0905, bearish pressure would be effective.

Trade safe, use SL in every trade.

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